Information kiosk for development building and zoning questions

The Village of Glenview has recently installed a kiosk in the
Development Department to answer questions by contractors, residents and
realtors. The kiosk gives individuals the ability to quickly find out
information about Village property from a single source. Questions such
as what school district is a property in? What residential services are
available? What day is garbage pickup? What is the approximate age
square footage of my home? What is the Village zoning classification?
All these questions can be answered using the kiosk.

Prior to using GIS as the central repository for Village data,
finding and navigating the maze of data sources was difficult and time
consuming. A Geographic Information System (GIS) fits this very need. It
captures, stores, analyzes, manages and presents data that is linked to
a geographic location (in most cases a street address). Prior to using
GIS the school data would need to be retrieved from the school district,
property information such as assessed value or square footage would
need to be taken from the Cook County Assessor and zoning data would
have to be requested from the Village. This process was far from instant
and certainly without the ease of using a graphic interface to make it
intuitive. Today using a single graphical interface, a realtor for
example can get all this data in under a minute.

The efficiency of GIS makes it a powerful marketing tool for village
property. It allows a user to retrieve available residential services,
improves data accuracy and increases the amount of data a contractor,
resident or a realtor has access to. With all the data in one central
location the ability to make changes and updates is easier than ever
before. The GIS is a dynamic system that continues to grow as the
Village moves forward with its Strategic Technology Plan and we
encourage you to come and try it out.