Integrating Police Calls for Service into MapOffice™

​The Police Department in the Village of Morton Grove, IL is interested in seeing their crime data on a map for use in squad cars and at the station to inform their staff of what activities to watch out for as they conduct their operations. These activates are generated by any call for service made and then added to a database within their dispatch software. Due to the nature of this kind of data, the Police Department needed the map to be live, accurate, confidential, and user-friendly. A Business Intelligence connection was the best way to connect their dispatch software to the village’s internet browser based mapping application, MapOffice™ Web Access, so that the locations of activity are updated instantly. Further, a connection to MapOffice™ Web Access meant that police officers can view this data in their squad cars during and at the beginning of their shift to keep them updated on what’s going on in the community without needing to leave their patrols.

This direct connection required collaboration between Glenview Police, who dispatches for Morton Grove, Morton Grove Police Department, and the Morton Grove Geographic Information Systems (GIS) team to make the connection. The challenges in creating this connection were overcome by the dedication and willingness to work together to find solutions.

Now that the connection is made, there is no requirement by the GIS Specialist to perform any maintenance on the data, since the Business Intelligence connection reads directly from Glenview’s Dispatch. The Morton Grove Police Department sees everything they put into the database without a middleman. Also, since this operates under a MapOffice™ Web Access environment, it can be locked to only specific users, such as the Police Staff and won’t risk the public or other village staff accessing sensitive data. The Morton Grove Police Department is now capable of seeing the calls for service in their community at a glance and their patrol staff is now better and more quickly informed in the field.