Integrating the City’s Permit Program with GIS


Every community looks for ways to streamline operations to improve
its productivity when serving the public. One way of doing this with a
GIS system is to incorporate other application programs a community uses
by linking them into GIS so the user can access a variety of
information within one program. For the City of Park Ridge, the
Community, Preservation, and Development Department was looking towards
GIS to access information from their permits program through the city’s
GIS program, MapOffice Advanced.

To start this process, a connection was created between the permits
program and MapOffice Advanced. Once the connection was made, the
relevant data fields that would be displayed had to be decided on by
community staff. In the end, only a small percentage of the available
fields were chosen showing only basic information such as permit number,
type of permit, important dates, and owner information. Once this was
all setup, it was ready to be accessed by community staff. In order to
use this tool, staff would use the Business Intelligence by Address task
in MapOffice Advanced to select an address on the map. Once the address
was selected, a popup window with all permitting information related to
that address would be displayed, and the user could get the information
that he or she was looking for.

By having this new connection between GIS and the permits program, a
user can now locate pertinent information regarding permits without
actually having to open up the permits program. This increases customer
response time either on the phone or in person when a resident is going
through the permitting process. Another advantage with this setup is
that additional information can be added or removed quickly and easily,
based on a request from a user. The hope around the city is that this
is the first of additional programs that GIS can integrate with.