Interactive pavement imagery


In 2011, The Village of Wheeling hired MDS Technologies to drive
around the village and collect data related to the village streets and
sidewalks. A few months back, the Village used Pavement Condition Index
(PCI) numbers that were part of the data delivery, to determine what
street sections in the village were in the most need of repair. Another
part of this data delivery, which was received at a later date, was as
series of images taken for each section of the Village owned road. The
Capital Projects department was interested if there was a way to
associate the images to their exact location and for them to be able to
select each location and see the corresponding images.

MDS Technologies provided the Village of Wheeling with over 100,000
GPS points, each with a link to an image using a unique ID number. All
of the points were mapped in MapOffice™ Advanced; the village’s in-house
mapping software. Each of these points then had a hyperlink, that when
clicked, opened up the corresponding image from the village servers.
This allows the Village’s Capital Projects department, as well as
others, to click on a section of Village owned road and then view the
associated pavement image. Without an interactive map and GIS, the
village would not be able to view the images without having to search
through the system folders to find each image based off an ID system.