Interactive Village Maps


 Residents often frequent the Village website to get a multitude of
different information. Some of that information comes from maps that are
provided in the Village Maps section of the website. In an effort to
provide more convenience to residents and give them a better overall
experience on the Village website, the Village of Skokie’s Manager’s
Office recently called upon its Geographic Information System (GIS) to
assist in creating a more interactive map experience for residents.

Creating interactive maps in addition to standard “paper” or PDF maps,
Village residents are able to navigate to their home, place of work, or
anywhere throughout the Village to access information that may be
difficult to read on a standard paper map. In total, seven paper maps
were converted into interactive maps including Village zoning, recycling
days, garbage collection, and bicycle routes. Without having these
interactive maps available, residents may have a difficult time
pin-pointing where their exact location of interest on a given map is.
Now, the resident is given the power to navigate anywhere in the Village
with the map information adjusting to their every movement. To view the
maps please visit the Village of Skokie Maps page at: