Invasion of the Pumpkins


With autumn in full swing, many communities take this time to
celebrate the season with Halloween-themed special events for the public
to take part in. This year, the Village of Deerfield, IL is holding its
first annual “Invasion of the Pumpkins” parade, which features 16
five-foot tall fiberglass pumpkins painted by Deerfield High School
students and community partners. Each pumpkin will feature a local
charity and have a built-in coin slot for donations, with the Deerfield
Fine Arts Commission voting on its favorite pumpkin.

To help support this event, the Village requested the assistance of
the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Department to create a
user-friendly parade route map to be placed in the event handout and
posted on the Village website. With the parade route running through
many of Deerfield’s neighborhoods and past a number of its parks, the
parade route map serves as a helpful resource for the public to utilize
while planning their participation in the event. Residents can determine
their favorite location top watch the parade in advance, whether it is
the lawn of Wilmot Park or their own front porch, and watch in delight
as these giant pumpkins invade Deerfield!