JULIE Boundary Update


Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators (JULIE) is a
not-for-profit corporation that provides homeowners and professional
excavators with one place to call for safe digging. JULIE serves as a
message handling notification service for underground facility owners,
taking information about planned excavations and distributing this
information to its membership. It is then the responsibility of each
facility owner to mark the location of their underground facilities at
the excavation site. In Norridge, this means that every time JULIE
receives a call, the Public Works department has to go out and do all
the locating. JULIE bases the calls (and the facility owner) off of a
series of boundaries that are based off of Township Quarter sections.
If an underground facility is just barely within a quarter section
boundary, the facility owner receives a phone call every time utilities
need to be located within that quarter section, even if the location is
not near the owned facilities. JULIE allows communities and other
facility owners to submit their own boundaries to reduce the amount of
calls each facility owner receives.

To create a new JULIE boundary, the GIS department took all the
village utility data and created a 300 FT buffer around the utility
dataset and the village boundary. This made sure that all the utility
information within the village boundaries was included, and allowed for
any unaccounted utility information just outside the village limits.
The new boundary was then approved by both the Engineering and Public
Works Departments, and then uploaded onto the JULIE website. It was
then approved by JULIE and implemented into their call system. Now,
whenever the Public Works department gets a call to locate utilities,
they know that the location will be within or very close to their