Land Change Analysis


The Village of Oak Brook has ordinances in place to ensure that no
significant change in land use or elevation is done without having to go
through an approval and permit process. Recently there has been a
discrepancy between a resident and their neighbor because of alleged
land change. A resident believes that water accumulation in their
backyard is the result of a neighbor increasing the slope of land where
the two yards meet. As a result of the discrepancy, Village engineers
had to come up with a way to determine whether or not there was a change
in land by reviewing elevation data spanning from 2002 to 2011.

The Village only has 1 foot elevation data that was captured in 2011
and needed a source of similar quality dating back at least 8 years. By
searching through various plat books the engineer was able to locate a
survey that included 1 foot contours, dating back to 2002. In order to
compare the two sets of elevation data, the GIS specialist was able to
scan and trace the elevation data from the plat dating back to 2002.
Once the data was converted into a GIS format, the specialist created a
map displaying both the 2011 and the 2002 elevation data layered over
each other. The engineer was then able to review any significant
changes in elevation that would cause a drainage problem in the
neighboring yard. By using GIS, the Village was able to determine and
display the fact that the elevation between the two yards has not
significantly changed over the past 9 year, and any further
discrepancies would have to be held privately between the two neighbors.