Lincolnshire gets a fresh look and new GIS functionality on its website


​The Village of Lincolnshire recently unveiled its newly redesigned
website with improved organization of information. New features include a
bolder color scheme, a citizen support center, and a revamped Village
Maps page. One of the key improvements to the maps page was the addition
of “My Lincolnshire Property Search,” an easy-to-use property search
tool that improves accessibility to MapOffice™ Public. Rather than going
directly to the MapOffice™ interface, residents can simply type their
address into a text search box. The search function opens a new window
that zooms to the property and provides a summary of relevant
information to that location. My Lincolnshire Property Search takes away
the “intimidation factor” for novice computer users by bypassing the
map interface and offering an easy-to-understand interface as an

In the future, Lincolnshire envisions using the Village Maps page as a
central location for a variety of maps that are designed for use by the
public. Additions will include maps of recreational trails, school
district boundaries, and more.