Locating historical building sites


The City of Highland Park maintains national and local historic
districts layers, which are easy to analyze or map. They did not have
an equally easy way to view the location of specific buildings with
these historic districts. Community Development Planning Division
maintained an Excel worksheet; however these records within spreadsheet
did not reference real world locations. The Planning Division recently
realized the usefulness of showing the location of the historic
building sites within the historic district boundaries.

The Planning division requested that the GIS office use the
Excel work sheet create a historical building site layer. The GIS
Office used the Excel spreadsheet to create a point layer. This point
layer was then used to select specific buildings related to each point.
The final product is layer of buildings with historical significance
information attached to each structure. It is currently being used as a
map layer but there are plans to add to MapOffice™ Advanced as a custom
Overlay layer.

Using GIS tools, the City efficiently create a historical
building site layer that can assist with studies of existing historic
districts. The product will be used as graphic to support discussion of
specific properties within or near existing historic districts. It
will also be used to identify properties near historic districts that
could be included in historic districts. By adding these locations to
MapOffice™ Advanced, the Planning Division will make it easier for
Inspectors and other employees to reference these locations.