Looking for a sign: Glenview staff using MapOffice™ Advanced to track its sign inventory


In 2011, Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) collected a
community-wide inventory of the Village of Glenview’s road signs. As a
result, Public Works now has an inventory of just over 9,000 signs
mounted on 5,500 posts throughout the Village. Yet this is only the
first step in the process. Public Works is now responsible for
maintaining this database so that it continues to be an accurate,
reliable source of information. Plus, they want to be able to share
this information with other staff members quickly and easily. Since the
inventory is in a format easily consumed by GIS software, the logical
first step was to load it into MapOffice™ Advanced.

In this easy-to-use web-based program, the sign inventory is
available to all Glenview staff by turning on a custom overlay. Sign
locations are represented on the map by a point, which is symbolized
according to the sign’s function (regulatory, warning, guide, or other).
To get details on an individual sign, the user clicks on the point to
pull up an information box. For locations with multiple signs on the
same post, the user simply clicks a link in the information box to
toggle through all of the options.

While a final decision on how to maintain the sign inventory has
not been made yet, one option for Public Works is to use the “Request
an update” tool in MapOffice™ Advanced. This tool allows the user to
send updates directly to the GIS staff, along with a map and any markups
that the requestor draws in. With its easy-to-use interface, MapOffice™
Advanced allows people of any technical skill level to help maintain a
complex inventory with ease.​