Maintaining village owned street lights in GIS


The Village of Oak Brook Public Works department performs a wide
variety of services to the village including snowplowing and street
sweeping. They also maintain various street lights within the village.
Prior to the implementation of GIS, Public Works referenced a hand drawn
street light atlas of the village. This contained the location of the
street lights as well as their id number and the location of fiber optic
lines within the village. While this atlas was useful, it did not
contain information on each street light for bulb type, ballast,
wattage, etc. If a street light needed repair, village staff would have
to reference a separate table.

The creation of a street light atlas in GIS allows Public Works staff
to locate a particular street light, its wattage and bulb type and
ballast using one source in a matter of minutes. This atlas divides the
village into areas based on a grid system which allows street lights to
be quickly identified and any corrections or changes noted on the atlas
sheets. A street light layer is also available in the Consortium’s Map
Office application which allows access real time street light data.