Managing tree planting using GIS


The Village of Mundelein received a grant that provided the money for
132 trees this Spring. The new plantings will replace Ash trees and
other trees that were removed last summer. The Superintendent of
Streets wanted an easier to provide planting location information to a
contractor. He also wanted to track the progress of plantings to ensure
no locations were missed.

In previous years the planting were tracked using an Excel worksheet.
This method was inefficient because even though planting locations
could be sorted by address. It was difficult to review streets that
were in close proximity to each other. The Superintendent of Streets
enquired if the GIS Office could make a map showing the location of each
tree planting. He also requested that a table of planting information
for each for each tree be added to the map. The most important part of
the map would be adding consecutive numbers for each tree planting
location that correlated to a numbered recorded in the table. The GIS
Office quickly created this map by locating all the trees using
addresses. The numbers were assigned starting with the lowest numbers
in the northeast and snaking back and forth so that the highest numbers
ended up in the southeast corner of the Village. The table was then
exported back to a table so that each tree record had a number that
matched a location on the map.

By using the power of GIS the Superintendent of Streets received a
project that he could send to contractor who is planting the trees. The
Superintendent also has map and table to track the new planting