Map Simulations using GIS


In an effort to continuously investigate real world representations
in map products, the Geographic Information System (GIS) staff in Elk
Grove Village, IL has identified a few data processing operations that
provide more context than your typical map.

When light detection and ranging (LiDAR) data was collected to
produce an elevation dataset, point data with elevation classifications
remained. Staff quickly realized that this unintended, yet useful,
information could be processed further to give a representation of the
tree canopy throughout the community. Building level information was
utilized to simulate the stories in each building by duplicating the
foundation at an offset location. Combining these two representations
generated a resource similar to a landscape plan with much more
cartographic appeal than your typical GIS map, at no additional software
cost, and that could be consumed with existing applications. The
amount of detail obtained provides for creation of ever improving map
products that appeal and better communicate information to all who use