MapOffice™ Advanced Helps to Paint a Picture of the Future


When decision makers, developers and village residents come together
to discuss new developments of land, a picture is worth a 1000 words.
Many times in a discussion, descriptions can be taken in many different
ways. A picture helps to display the true vision of staff and
developers to residents of the village. A picture also helps to bring
expectation of all parties involved into alignment.

Using the MapOffice™ Advanced Custom Layers function, gives village
staff and decision makers the ability to overlay site plans onto current
mapping and aerial photos to paint a picture of the future for that
site. This process is as easy as providing the GIS specialist the site
plan and a couple of hours to create the overlay. Overlaying a site plan
helps to identify any obvious geographical conflicts and helps to
highlight the improvements and benefits the development will bring to
the village and its residents.