MapOffice™ Advanced Web Access deployed


One of the key factors of success for a GIS program is providing
access to GIS data for all users. With the deployment of MapOffice™
Advanced Web Access (MOAWA) the Village now has that capability. MOAWA
is browser based application that allows users to quickly locate
information and create maps or reports. Unlike traditional GIS
software, MOAWA contains simple tools that require on 15-30 minutes of
training for most people to master them.

Some of functionality includes a find and Go tool that lets users
find a location by address, street name, intersection or even a landmark
name. Once a user finds the location they are looking for they can use
other tools such as Parcel summary that creates a report showing
garbage collecting day, election information, and even provides a link
to the County Assessor page. Another tool displays all the utility
systems maintained by Village. It allows users to click on utility
features to collect more information or even print a utility map. The
Create address list task quickly creates an address list using selected
properties. This list can then be exported to an Excel and used to
create a mailing list

These tools are only a few examples of the many ways MOAWA allows
user to interact with the GIS data. It is anticipated using MOAWA will
improve the efficiency of some workflows. Equally important MOAWA
will open up access to GIS for people who might not have used it in the