MapOffice Public to Display Capital Improvement Information


The City of Lake Forest was looking for a new method of displaying
the City’s Capital Improvement projects to the public. Previously a
static PDF map would be displayed on the City’s website highlighting
where the construction projects were occurring. GIS personnel worked
Engineering staff to develop an interactive Capital Improvements map
that would provide more information than just a geographic location.

To achieve this interactive method of display, the Capital
Improvement locations were implemented into MapOffice as a custom
overlay. The overlay was made available in both MapOffice Advanced and
Public. By selecting a Capital Improvement location on the map, a dialog
box will appear displaying the most current information about that
given project. This feature allows users to not only spatially visualize
the project, but to also obtain information about the project.
Available information includes start/end project dates, contractor
information, city project contacts, and project status information.
Engineering sends GIS staff a spreadsheet of weekly project updates. GIS
then implements the updates into the Capital Improvements overlay. This
keeps all of the Capital Improvements information stored in one easy to
access location and with all the other capabilities of MapOffice on

The Capital Improvements overlay provides the City an easy way to
share information with residents. Previously, this simple mapping
project has developed into an all in one information and location
system. With enhancing information access to the public, residents can
further avoid contacting the city directly for more information.