Mapping density of recreation center users


The city of Lake Forest updates a list of residents who have signed
up for Rec Center services on a yearly basis. To aid in seeing the
layout of where these residents are located, the City has used GIS to
map out point locations for each address recorded. In addition to the
point locations, a density analysis is also run to help give a more
visual, picture of the results. This year’s map included 2500 addresses,
which accounts for nearly 40% of all households in the city.

To further this analysis, city employees can compare the results
found on the map with demographic data that is offered through Business
Analyst Online, which is prepared by MGP, Inc. Included in this
demographic data is up to date information on age groups, income, and
household income. By comparing this data to the geographic makeup of
residents using the Rec Center, the City can find ways to offer their
services to areas that are not utilizing them as much as others.