Mapping Winnetka’s scenic bike tour


The Village of Winnetka hosts all sorts of special events throughout
the year. These events require the involvement and coordination of
numerous village departments, including Public Works, the Police
Department, and, often, outside agencies. A common outside agency that
works with the village is the Winnetka Park District, which recently
proposed a village-wide bike tour to help promote the village as a
scenic community. To help improve the coordination efforts, the GIS
(Geographic Information System) department developed several mapping
products to allow all those involved to transfer event information more

There are two maps that were developed for this bike tour: one that
highlights the tour route that will be used for planning efforts between
the park district and the village and one for the Police department
that shows the tour route and the location of all traffic signals, stop
signs, and yield signs that will be used to help the department
determine officer postings during the event. Using these mapping
products provides all those participating in or organizing the event
with the same, geographically-based template, allowing for a more
efficient transfer of information and improved communication before and
during the ride.