Mappings hazards for water rescue response


Despite having state-of-the-art GIS technology at its fingertips, the
Village of Glencoe still faces situations where access to electronic
data is limited. One example of this is when emergency response
personnel are involved in water rescues at Skokie Lagoons or the shores
of Lake Michigan. When officers are using Public Safety watercraft, they
do not have access to the same mapping technology that is available in
the squad cars and other emergency vehicles. Fortunately, GIS is still
able to provide support through print media, which can be stored on
board for quick reference in an emergency.

One product recently added to the Public Safety watercraft cache is a
map that highlights areas that are not traversable by watercraft. This
map combines recent aerial photography with overlays to point out
hazards such as spillways and shoals that are not immediately visible at
ground level. This map will also be useful to incident command, should a
significant rescue operation need to be planned in a waterway.