Medical Marijuana Cultivation and Dispensing Analysis


Since the Medical Cannabis Act (MCA) was passed in Illinois on August
1, 2013, communities working to determining how this legislation may
impact them. To determine potential locations where medical marijuana
dispensing or cultivation may take place near or within municipal
limits, the Village of Woodridge employed Geographic Information System
(GIS) tools and methods to help answer this question.

The primary parameter considered for this analysis was the distance
away from daycare centers, schools, and areas zoned for residential use
where a cultivation or dispensing center could be located. Cultivation
centers need to be 2,500 feet from these areas, whereas dispensing
centers need to be 1,000 feet away. GIS was used first to identify where
daycares, schools, and areas zoned residential were located within the
Village. Once these areas were found, the next step was to apply the
distance restrictions to these locations using buffers.

Once these buffers were created, staff was able to identify potential
areas where cultivation or dispensing could take place. The second
phase of this analysis was to incorporate daycares, schools, and
residential areas in surrounding areas outside of municipal limits to
determine if any of the potential cultivation or dispensing areas found
in the first phase would be eliminated when taking into account
neighboring municipalities.

Due to the controversial nature of Medical Cannabis Act, Village
staff wanted to be proactive in preparing for the potential effects of
this legislation on their community. Through the use of GIS analysis,
staff was provided with results they could use in future