Migrating a Tree Inventory from a Legacy System to Davey TreeKeeper


Until recently the City of Highland Park maintained a records based
tree inventory within an Oracle database. This application was great
for querying information records but it was not good for locating trees
within a mapping interface. The Forestry division recognized the need
to migrate the database to application that would allow them to use a
mapping component. Therefore, they contracted with Davey to purchase

There were two important components that required GIS. First the
existing tree inventoried needed to be geocoded located. The tree
inventory data was geocoded and cleaned up with ESRI ArcGIS software.
Ninety-three percent of the over 30,000 tree records were matched
automatically. The remaining seven percent were matched to their
locations manually. Manually matching the locations as helpful to
Forestry as Davey had offered to geocode the records but they would have
placed the seven percent in a random location outside of the City
boundaries. This meant that Forestry would have had to move 2100 points
by themselves. The second step was to export selected layers out of
the GIS database to create a base map within the TreeKeeper application.

Without GIS Forestry would not have good locations for seven percent
of their tree inventory. They also would not have a good base map for
referencing the location of trees. At this point the trees are located
on address points, but there are plans to manually move the trees to
their real world coordinates.​