Monitoring Police Call Activity in Glenview


Crime is an issue that no community takes lightly, and the reduction
and prevention of crime is something that all Police and Public Safety
Departments strive to achieve. An important aspect of this is the
understanding of crime occurrence from a visual perspective. In doing
so, Police and Public Safety Departments can attempt to identify crime
patterns throughout their community. The Village of Glenview Police
Department works with the GIS Department to create a monthly crime
incident map for various types of crime throughout the Village,
including burglary, criminal damage, and theft. A monthly report of
police call activity is generated, which includes both the type and
location of each call. The GIS Department then maps out each call on the
report by incident type. In displaying each incident visually, GIS can
help the Police Department identify any patterns that may exist.

The monthly crime incident maps are also posted on the Village
website for the public to view. This keeps residents informed and helps
them to understand where crime is taking place in their community.

Without the help of GIS, it would be more difficult to visualize the
location of each crime incident and, in turn, any potential spatial
trends occurring throughout the community.