More information for better decision making

The Lake County, IL Assessors Office has a database of information about properties that is a useful resource for numerous local municipal operations.   This information includes details about the structures on a property, assessment values, and other general information.  Having access to this type of information would be of tremendous value to a local government.  Therefore The Village of Mundelein, IL requested this database from Lake County and then asked the county Geographic Information System (GIS) Office to create a useful way to view this information natively in the village’s GIS environment. 

The county GIS Office created a layer of information from the Assessor database and provided it to the village GIS staff for use.  This layer was then added it to the village’s web-based mapping application, MapOffice™ Web Access, as a custom layer for display.  The intent of the overlay is to expose this information to village staff to give them the opportunity to brainstorm additional ways that it can be used moving forward.   One current idea is to push this information into the village’s CityView application during the next software upgrade.  This will provide inspectors with quick access to information about structures, as well as other useful structural information.    Another idea is to create maps showing the Equalized Assessed Values (EAV) of properties and the age of structures within the Village.

By using GIS, the Village developed an easy way to view rich detail of each property.  This is a more efficient way to access the data other than clicking on each property and waiting to link to a report from the Assessor’s office.   By creating a custom overlay to view in the village mapping environment, village users can interact with the data more directly and better visualize potential future products.