Multi-unit analysis

​The Village of Norridge has a newsletter that they typically mail to
all addresses in the village. In addition to going to all houses, the
newsletters are sent to every unit in every apartment or condo building.
Because of the natural turnover in apartment renting, many times the
newsletters come back to the village because there is no one currently
living at the address. This costs the village money in returned and
wasted postage. The village asked the GIS department to come up with a
map that would present a solution to the problem.

To create the map, the buildings in the village were first sorted out
by the zoning code to determine which ones were multi-unit. Then a
count was taken for each building to determine how many units were in
each one. Labels were then created to display the number of units in
each builidng allowing an employee to physically drop off the
appropriate amount of flyers and not have any returned in the mail.

By creating and displaying the units on the map, a simple solution
presented itself allowing the village to save some money in a time when
money is tight. Without GIS, the village would have had to sort through
water billing records to determine the amount of units, which would be
far more time consuming then the GIS solution.