Nicor gas billing review


In the Village of Wheeling, each resident with gas service from
NiCOR, has to pay a small tax to the village which is included in their
bill. In an effort to make sure the village was receiving all possible
tax money, it requested a list of the addresses that NiCOR had for
Wheeling, so that a review could be done. The Finance Department
requested that all addresses from NiCOR be mapped out and lists be made
detailing what matched and what didn’t match. The information would be
then sent back to NiCOR so that any inconsistencies could be reviewed
and corrected.

The list of addresses were first geocoded (a process of assigning an
address to a location on a map) to get a preliminary list of what did
and didn’t match. The unmatched addresses were then reviewed to
determine why they were not matching i.e. misspelling, wrong town,
non-existent address, etc… Two lists were then created to be sent back
to NiCOR; one that was all the reviewed addresses provided by NiCOR that
did not match the address database maintained by the village and one
that was a list of addresses maintained by the village, but were not in
the list provided by NiCOR. These two lists, along with a map showing
unmatched addresses, were the final products. After NiCOR received the
data from Wheeling, they made the appropriate changes resulting in the
village receiving tax money they did not receive in the past. By using
GIS, the village was able to easily find missing revenue that they might
not have found in the past.