North Shore Gas Address Review and Confirmation


Recently the Village of Glencoe received a request from North Shore Gas to complete an address audit, in which the addresses in the North Shore Gas list would be compared to the Glencoe addresses on file. Without GIS, this would need to be done by hand using simple technology such as excel or access but would consist of manual comparison work. This would take hours to complete from staff and was not efficient. With GIS, a new way of comparing data can be completed.

From the request of North Shore Gas, the Finance Department requested if an address comparison could be completed using GIS. This could not only be completed in GIS, but in a much more time efficient way. Through GIS, addresses in the North Shore Gas list can be spatially located and then compared to see if it matches a GIS address. A small amount of manual comparison was needed based on apartment/unit differences but was vastly sped up using GIS. Without GIS, this process of address comparisons would take a large amount of time.