Oakbrook Center Parking Layout


The Village of Oak Brook is known throughout the Chicagoland area for
its many shopping centers and restaurants, the majority of which are
located in a close proximity on 22nd St. As a result of these popular
shopping and dining options there is a significant increase in daytime
population, which unfortunately leads to more crimes and accidents in
the shopping centers. The largest and most populous of these shopping
centers is Oakbrook Center, a shopping mall located at the busy
intersection of IL Rt. 83 and 22nd St. Oakbrook Center has a lot of
shops and restaurants located throughout its grounds, as well as 5 large
parking lots and 5 parking garages. The majority of incidents that the
police respond to at Oakbrook Center are located in these parking
areas, which are difficult to locate given that there are no specific
addresses for the parking areas. As a result the police have to rely on
parking lot colors, and the associated ID for each row.

The police department had traditionally relied on an old hand drawn
map displaying the different parking lots, and the associated row ID.
This map is now quite out dated and difficult to read. Additionally,
the Police Department had to provide its new dispatch center with an
accurate map that depicts which areas in the mall they will be
responding too, and how the incident will be referred to in their
reports. By providing the GIS staff with an old version of the map and
having Community Service Officers do field checks, we were able to
successfully update the mall layout. This provides a vital piece of
information to all officers, dispatchers, and administration so that
they know precisely which location to respond to, as well as giving the
Police Department an opportunity to analyze and mitigate location based
police incidents. Without using GIS, the Police Department would have
to spend a significant amount of time updating the map by hand, without
the opportunity to share the spatial data with its associated