Online business inventory


In the past, the Village of Wheeling has kept an informal list of all
the businesses in the village using business license data. Then, using
Google KML, this information was mapped out and displayed on Google
Maps. However, the information displayed in Google Maps would quickly
become outdated and it was difficult to update. Economic Development
requested an alternate way to display village businesses online, that
would be much easier to update to reflect changes in the village.

In 2012, a new feature was created for the Village’s public mapping
program, MapOffice™. This feature allows for the creation of custom map
data that could then be displayed online for the village residents to
view. An added benefit of this feature is that the data is easily
updateable, just like other GIS data that is integrated with MapOffice™.
An updated list of all the village business licenses was created, and
they were then sorted into three different categories: Commercial, Food
& Hospitality, and Industrial. New icons were created for each
category and then the data was uploaded online. Now, Village residents
can view all the locations of businesses by scrolling through the map
and then retrieve the information about each business by clicking the
related icon. By using GIS, the Village was able to take existing
village information, and then present it in a format that is easy to use
by the public.