Online restaurant map

​Although less than two square miles in size, the Village of Norridge
contains numerous restaurants and eating establishments that reflect the
diversity of the area. The village website keeps a list of these
establishments, but never has had a map indicating the location of each
restaurant. Using the ability of a Geographic Information System (GIS)
program to create location points within Google Maps, a map was created
showing the location of each restaurant within the village as well as
address information and a link to the restaurants website. This
interactive map located on the village website allows the user to find
restaurants within the village based on location.

Clicking on the Restaurant Location link at the bottom of the Food
Establishments section of the village website takes you to a Google Map
showing the village of Norridge. A red dot represents each restaurant
within the village. Clicking on the restaurant name in the table of
contents on the left or on the red dot on the map brings up an
information box for that location. Each information box contains the
name of the restaurant, address, phone number, and website link if
available. When new restaurants open up or old restaurants close down,
the interactive map can be easily modified to reflect those changes.

Providing the information in a format that people are familiar with,
such as Google Maps, allows the user to access the information without
having to learn new software. Providing the location of each restaurant
on a map allows someone visiting the village or a resident to locate a
restaurant or eating establishment more easily.