Outfall Collection Using Open Data Kit


The Village of Glenview approached GIS to collect the locations of
outfalls throughout the Village for the National Pollutant Discharge
Elimination System (NPDES) permit program. NPDES controls water
pollution by regulating sources that discharge pollutants.

The Village decided to use a new method of collection, called Open
Data Kit (ODK), using cellular phones. ODK allows the use of GPS on
cellular phones along with the creation of forms to collect attribute
data. Collected during the process were the GPS locations, photos of
each outfall, and a unique ID of each. This data was then transferred
off the phone to a staging location on the internet that allows
exporting of the data to be used in GIS. GIS then used this data to
create a series of maps to show the locations of the outfalls.

The Village found this process to be very cost effective while maintaining the accuracy that they were seeking.