Parcel updating process


The Village of Glencoe being a member of the GIS Consortium has a
data sharing agreement in place with Cook County Illinois. This
agreement allows the Village of Glencoe to receive County Parcel data
which includes mapping, parcel information, PIN numbers, County assessor
information, and many other very important land based information

This month was the scheduled update time for the Village of Glencoe
to receive and update its parcel mapping within the GIS system. The GIS
Consortium has developed an efficient and detailed updating procedure
which was used by the GIS Specialist in Glencoe to complete the parcel
update process. The process included all mapping updates, loading of new
attribute information, loading in new assessor information from the
County, verification of the updated and modified records, and of course
final distribution of the updated data throughout the GIS system and
corresponding applications.

The final result of the parcel update process ensured that the
Village of Glencoe has incorporated the most recent and up to date
parcel related information that is supplied by Cook County. Upon
completion, the updated data was available to used and consumed by all
personal within the Village and within the GIS applications.