Park District MapOffice Tree Inventory


The Village of Glencoe Public Works Forestry Division maintains all
the trees located in the public right-of-ways throughout the Village
using tree inventory software. They handle all maintenance on the trees
which includes but is not limited to: trimming branches, spraying for
pests, and the removal of dead and diseased trees. All trees that are
removed are replaced with new ones if adequate space exists. The
Village documents and manages all of this by using a computerized
inventory data system. Any tree within a Village Park is owned and
maintained by the Park District, which does not have a tree inventory
system. The Park District looked for assistance from The Village in
help with maintaining it.

The Village has added all trees that are within the Village park
limits into its online GIS mapping program, MapOffice™. Each tree is
represented by icon that shows the leaf type as well as the relative
size of the tree. When a tree is clicked on, a pop-up box displays the
attributes of that tree such as: Species, Diameter, Condition, and ID
Number. There is also a layer that shows trees that have been removed.
By having the Park District Tree data in MapOffice™, the Park District
is able to see the locations of each tree, which then allows them to
keep the data organized. Having the information in MapOffice™ also
gives the public a chance to see what the Park District is planting and