Parkway Tree Replacement Management


 The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is a small, invasive pest whose larvae feast
on the trunks of ash trees, causing their eventual decline and death.
Like many other communities, this beetle has affected many trees
throughout the Village of Deerfield. There are currently over 1,321 ash
trees located on parkways and village-owned parcels across Deerfield.
This past May, the Village began removing ash trees that have been
deemed hazardous or confirmed with EAB. Homeowners have been notified
that their tree(s) will be removed and have been offered a choice of
replacement tree(s) based on parkway size and relation to other trees.
Residents have been filling out forms, identifying their first, second
and third choices for new tree species to replace the removed or
soon-to-be removed ash tree(s). After the forms are returned to the
Public Works department, they are time-stamped and passed along to the
GIS department in order to geographically track the requests in
MapOffice™. This provides village staff with a quick way to identify
where new species will be planted and to ensure that there is minimal
bunching of a specific type of tree.

The GIS department has created a custom overlay in MapOffice™ Advanced
to track residents’ first, second and third species choice, along with
contact information and the date the form was submitted to the Public
Works department. In the event that village staff notice too many of a
specific species in one area on the map, they can simply click on each
tree to obtain residents’ subsequent choices and contact information to
notify them of any changes. The creation of this map overlay allows for
village staff to visually understand the diversity of the replacement
tree species and to efficiently manage residents’ tree selection
requests in order to create an environment that is in the best interest
of each individual resident and the village as a whole.