Pavement Management Program


The Village of Tinley Park, like most municipalities, has both short
and long term pavement management programs. These programs are designed
to insure the Village is consistently and strategically making repairs
to roads throughout the Village on a yearly basis. Often time these
repaving or patching programs will coincide with planned storm,
sanitary, and water utility replacements in an effort to reduce cost and
stress on local residents. Tinley Park uses an outside consulting firm
to manage all engineering planning and implementation. As a means of
communicating and viewing these plans with Village staff, specifically
public works, the engineering firm provides information pertaining to
the planned improvements to Village GIS staff in order to map the
information and distribute it to staff

The engineering consulting firm provided a paper map, as well as
spreadsheets with specific to/from street information with the length
and type of repairs. The GIS staff was then able to create the data to
scale, and post the information as a custom layer on the Village’s web
mapping application, MapOffice ™ Advanced. As shown in the image,
Village staff can now view and print the information from any computer
with a network connection, along with the ability to view imagery and
various other utilities that may be in the area of planned repair.
Finally, the Village will also have the capability to easily convert the
data to public information when informing residents about planned road
closures. By using GIS to display, store, and analyze the information,
the Village has greatly improved their ability to share and plan for
future improvements on their roadways.