Planners use GIS technology to market available commercial properties


It’s a buyer’s market right now for entrepreneurs and developers.
Communities of every size and demographic are competing against each
other to attract new and relocating businesses to their area. GIS
provides a cost-effective and efficient way to promote available
commercial space on an interactive map that integrates seamlessly with
the popular website Google Maps. Many GIS Consortium communities,
including the Village of Lincolnshire, are taking advantage of this
technology to quickly share information with prospective clients.

On a monthly basis, Lincolnshire’s Department of Community
Development submits an updated spreadsheet of available properties to
GIS. This spreadsheet includes important details such as building square
footage, rental/sale prices, and realtor contact information. GIS
geocodes the locations (a process in GIS that assigns an address to a
location on a map) and then exports them into a file format that is used
by Google Maps. This updated file is uploaded to the Village’s website,
and in a matter of minutes, a fresh map is available for public
consumption. The end product not only provides relevant details to a
potential renter or buyer, but places these details in the greater
context of the Village’s geography. Potential clients can then view
aerial images and labeled maps of the overall site area to get a richer
picture of the sites that interest them.

You can see the end product live on the Village’s website by visiting the available site inventory page,