Planning a Public Works Accreditation Tour


The Public Works Division is undergoing accreditation over the summer
and felt that a tour of the City would be beneficial to the group of
people reviewing the Department. The City covers 12 square miles and it
would be difficult to people unfamiliar with the community to relate
locations to the appropriate part of the City. The tour would include
proposed projects and well known locations throughout Highland Park.
The tour would start at Public Works, loop around the City and end at
Public Works.

The Public Works Department asked the GIS create a map of the stops
on the tour as well as the planned route of the tour. GIS quickly
created a map showing all 14 stops as well as the proposed route between
stops. This map was reviewed several times and the order of the stops
were revised to make the stops more efficient.

By using GIS the Public Works Division could quickly create a map
that could be easily revised to make the tour more efficient. They
also had a nice graphic to assist the review team with understanding
where the stops were located throughout the community. Without GIS the
City would have created hand drawn maps that would have been difficult
to read.