Planning for a Heavy Rain event


During the week of April 14, 2013 – April 20, 2013The National
Weather Service was forecasting 4-6 inches of rain for the greater
Chicago area. Luckily for the Village of Mundelein most of the heavy
rain missed the Village. However, in anticipation of the potential
impact of heavy rains Village of Mundelein began planning for monitoring
flooded streets. The Director of Public Works asked the GIS Office to
create a map that would assist the Street Superintendent with monitor in
storm water infrastructure during the heavy rain event.

The Streets Department requested that GIS created a Strom Water
Maintenance Map. This map divided the Village into two sections. Each
section was monitored by a Village Employee driving in a truck. As
different issues were observed, street flooding, streams overflowing,
the location would be marked on the map. Any actions taken to correct
the flooding, such as clearing an inlet, would also be marked on the
map. The map also showed streets that tend to flood frequently so
employees would know which streets to check regularly.

Asking the GIS Office to create a map provided the Public Work
Streets Department with a valuable tool for monitoring heavy rain
events. It provided any easy way to track new events and ongoing events
as they were reported by Village staff. In the past the Superintendent
would have met with employees after the event and reviewed the log
books. Now the Superintendent can see events as they are occurring and
thus make more informed decisions when responding to new incidents.