Progress since joining the Consortium

​The Village of Woodridge is no stranger to using Geographic
Information Systems (GIS) to visualize data with maps and online mapping
services. However for each department to get the most out of their GIS
software and related hardware they decided to join the GIS Consortium.
While it has only been a few months since joining the Consortium,
Village staff can already see the power in leveraging the knowledge of
communities and staff across the Chicagoland area to help solve their
problems with GIS.

Since joining the GIS Consortium, Woodridge has successfully updated
its GIS data to help with daily activities such as service billing,
policing, utility replacements, and inspections. The migration of their
existing GIS data to the Consortium data model allows the Village to do
more complex analysis and display information in a way that wasn’t
possible before. Village staff has also participated in webinars and
meetings with staff in other communities to understand how GIS can be
used as a tool in projects where it has not been originally implemented.

Currently, the Village of Woodridge is getting ready to deploy an
online mapping application offered by the Consortium on its community
website called MapOffice ™. This will provide residents a resource for
finding information related to their property (i.e. assessed property
value, school district information, and voting information). Following
the deployment of MapOffice ™, MapOffice ™ Advanced will be installed
for Village staff. MapOffice ™ Advanced will allow staff to analyze
their data more effectively and integrate information from databases and
work-order management systems currently in use. With the GIS
capabilities the Village has now, staff are excited to implement the
things they have been waiting to see for a long time.