Promoting Mundelein as a Bicycle Friendly Village

The Village of Mundelein, IL is located in the center of Lake County, which put it at the crossroads of several important bike paths including the Millennium Trail and the North Shore Bike Trail.  Mundelein also has network of multi-use trails that provide access to parks and other amenities throughout the Village. As a result, the Village was interested in promoting the bike path information to visitors hoping that it would encourage cyclists to bike to Mundelein.  To do so, the village asked the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Office about what type of map products could be created for distribution on the village website and through other mediums. 

After a discussion of what was needed, it was decided to add the bike route information as layer that can be turned on and off in the village’s online mapping application, MapOffice™.  There were several elements that made the layer useful for public consumption. The first was adding recommended on-street route information to show how the street network connects the various paths.  The second included adding hyper-linked points at the entry points of major trails that link to larger PDF maps of the trail so that visitors would see where Mundelein was located in relation to other major trials.

By using MapOffice™ to display bike trail information the Village of Mundelein has a powerful tool that makes it easier for bicyclists to plan their trips through Mundelein.  It is also a great way to promote all the cycling opportunities in the village.