Proposed Five-year pavement resurfacing program


Every year the City of Lake Forest requests a map to illustrate roads
that are being planned for resurfacing. These maps help manage the
spatial distribution of where these resurfacing projects are occurring.
Poor road conditions are an issue for all communities and by ensuring
residents that these conditions are being recognized can assist in
exceling the government-public relationship.

The requested map illustrates the proposed 5 year pavement
resurfacing program ranging from 2012 to 2016. The engineering
department provided a spreadsheet defining all road segments that were
planned for surfacing along with their proposal data. Line features were
then created based on the spreadsheet specifications. Being able to
visualize areas with a high resurfacing occurrence allows engineering
staff to determine if their past replacements were effective, as well as
to target new resurfacing areas in the coming years. The proposed
pavement resurfacing routes were grouped together by fiscal year, each
year being symbolized by a different color.

The City of Lake Forest hopes to continue their resurfacing
initiative to help ensure the yearly CIP funds are meeting the needs of
the residents and city infrastructure.​