Public Works Streets and Water Department Custom Field Note Map Books


The Village of Deerfield Public Works Department met with the GIS
Department to discuss a very important phase of utility updating
involving field verification. It was decided that a new Field Note Map
Book series would be developed based on a custom grid to fit a usable 11
by 17 inch format vs. the customary 17 by 22 inch standard Field Note
Map Book Series. It was decided by staff that the larger sized books
were tougher to handle while out in field conducting when conducting
their business.

The resize of the product required the GIS Department to update some
mapping elements based on the scale change. Items included developing a
new grid system for pages, dynamic readable labels for pipes and
structure information, and other cartographic enhancements designed for
overall easier readability in the field.

Once the maps were completed, produced, and delivered the Public
Works Staff takes the products into the field and provide markups when
needed. They also use this product and standard sized product to provide
markups of the utility information on a planned review cycle. These
comments along with field comments are then provided to the GIS
Department to produce needed updates to the system. The overall process
is very important to help catch field changes and institutional
knowledge from the Public Works staff to ensure the GIS system is
receiving regular and routine utility update information.