Querying for Latest Fire Inspection Date

​The Village of Northbrook, IL Fire Department has been using an application called FireHouse to track incidents, inventory, and training since 2008 and the Fire Prevention Bureau uses FireHouse to manage property inspections throughout the Village.  Inspection data tracked includes date, address, occupant, inspector, and inspection type.  However, the Fire Prevention Bureau needed something more.  Since the installation of FireHouse the Bureau has looked for a method to easily determine the last time an inspection had taken place at an address in order to better plan and track inspections.  Being able to know when an address was last inspected, the Bureau can prevent missing inspections at some locations while avoiding unnecessarily re-inspecting others.  While FireHouse could query all inspections at a given location it could not filter inspections by only the last time an address was inspected.

The Village of Northbrook and their Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department had recently deployed Business Intelligence, a tool that connects directly to databases such as FireHouse, within their browser-based mapping application, MapOffice™, to perform queries to display certain data.  This was the perfect tool to accomplish the Bureau’s goal of determining the latest inspections for addresses.  Using the Business Intelligence tool, GIS staff was able to create a query to select only the last time each address was inspected, pulling data directly from the FireHouse database.  From that selection, inspections were then grouped by zones which certain inspectors are responsible for.   

Now, each inspector can display this information in MapOfficeTM to see the locations that need to be inspected based upon their last inspection date.  Since this data is updated daily through the direct connection to FireHouse, the Bureau Chief can actively monitor inspections and effectively coordinate efforts across all staff members.