Ravine Preservation Aided by GIS


In August, Lake Forest College worked with the City to determine the
names and addresses of residents that shared property boundaries with
the College and were along the Bloodroot and Withchazel Ravines. Lake
Forest College is planning on working to preserve the ravines, and
contacting the owners provided two solutions- notification of work being
done near their property, and asking if the property owner would be
interested in joining the College in their efforts.

Management requested that GIS create a map showing the properties and
listing the owner information to aid in this project. In addition to
producing a map that showed both ravines with their adjacent properties
and owner contacts, more specific maps were map for each ravine. These
maps included topographic lines that will help aid in determining if the
ravine floor is on College or private property. If there is indication
that the bottom of the ravine is mostly on a private parcel, more
notification or permissions may be needed to continue with the project
in these areas.