Regional collaboration leads to safer suburbs during the NATO Summit


All eyes were focused on the city of Chicago in mid-May when world
leaders converged for the 2012 NATO Summit. Because of the importance of
this organization on the world stage, many people plan demonstrations
to call attention to their causes and concerns. Unfortunately, past
demonstrations at NATO meetings have turned violent, putting lives and
property at risk. While the heart of security concerns rested on
McCormick Place in Chicago, many of the nearby suburbs made preparations
in case the activity spilled over the city’s boundaries, as has
happened in previous years at other world locations.

Recognizing the value in collaboration and mutual support, the
Village of Glencoe’s Public Safety department joined with a group of
north shore communities to create a regional incident command center.
While most of the advanced preparations and planning was kept
confidential for security reasons, GIS was able to support the cause by
providing the command center with a map of the Glencoe area. Recent
aerial photography provided the base map, and GIS added in labels for
every street, major thoroughfares, and significant locations within the
Village. Copies of this map were also distributed to key personnel in
the Village, and will be used for reference in future disaster
management planning as well as emergency response. GIS provided Glencoe
an efficient and cost effective way to share information with its
neighbors, as well as create an end product for long-term use.