Remote Water Meter Missed Reading Custom Overlay

​In 2001, the Village of Norridge switched from manual water meter
readers to an automatic meter reading system that sends usage
information through a secure, long range wireless network. Each meter
has a module called a Meter Transmission Unit (MTU) that reads each
water meter and forwards the meter usage data to the Data Collector
Units (DCU). The DCUs receive, process, and store all the information
from the MTUs, then forward the information to a Network Control
Computer at Village Hall. This allows the Village staff to run reports
and create water bills using the information gathered. Eventually, the
MTUs have to be replaced and one of the indicators is if the unit had
not read for prolonged period of time. The Village of Norridge wanted a
way to map out which MTU units had not read for a period longer than
five days, so that they could start to keep an eye on them to see if
they would eventually re-sync, or would have to be replaced.

A link was created between the water meter database and the database
used for the Village’s in-house mapping software, MapOffice™ Advanced.
This link allows the mapping software to display data from the water
meter system in real time, removing the need to clean up and post the
data each time there is an update. Because the data is shown in real
time, the water department can use MapOffice™ Advanced to see what
meters have not read in the past five days, which allows them to make
decisions on replacing the meters. By seeing the locations on the map,
the can see if there are any patterns to the outages. By using GIS, the
water department is able to monitor MTU readings to make sure they are
all working correctly.