Reporting on GIS use


From the onset of the GIS program, the Village board had wanted to see
measurable results that the GIS program was being used by staff. The
village board did not want to spend thousands of tax payer dollars for a
program that would neither benefit the staff of the village or its
citizens. Six months (6) into the GIS program the board will begin
receiving a series of monthly reports measuring metrics of the GIS
program. The metrics included in the monthly report are; Site Project
Focus, this will show what projects and what departments the specialist
is spending the most time, MapOffice™ reporting for the last month, this
will show MapOffice™ use by staff and by the public alongside cost
savings for the most used tools and utilization in the last 12 months,
and MapOffice™ use by month alongside a departmental breakdown of
MapOffice™ use for the past month. These reports will help the Board,
Staff and the GIS specialist stay informed and empowers them to make
better decisions concerning the GIS program.