Repurposing GIS data


With a GIS program, local governments are able to save time and money
by managing their data centrally and then exporting it for use in other
in-house database applications. From Public Works to Public Safety,
nearly every department in the Village of Glenview has a program that is
efficiently maintained using the master address and base map data
stored in GIS. Some updates are simple. For example, the Public Works
department uses a program called TreeKeeper to manage their tree
inventory data. On an annual basis, GIS is tasked with updating both the
address database and the base map in this program so that the arborists
have correct reference data when making updates. The process takes a
matter of minutes, but the benefits last throughout the year.

Another example of GIS data being repurposed is in a program called
New World Systems, which provides mapping and record-keeping
functionality for Fire, Police, and Dispatch. Any time an address is
added, changed, or deleted from the master GIS database, it is quickly
and efficiently loaded into the New World system for everyone to use.
Emergency responders get the information they need when they need it,
which could make the difference between life and death. In addition to
efficient data maintenance, in-house GIS data replaces the need to
purchase pre-formatted datasets for each program. Outside vendors charge
thousands of dollars to collect and share this information, and would
have to be repurchased on a regular schedule or manually updated in each
system. Thanks to the versatility of GIS data, the Village of Glenview
is able to avoid this added expense and hassle.