Reverse 911 system support


The Village of Norridge has a reverse 911 system called Blackboard
Connect. The system sends out messages to residents registered in the
system about events happening in the village. Registration is optional
and the village is trying to persuade residents to complete applications
to join the service. To find out which residents are not registered,
the Village is using its in-house GIS mapping program, MapOffice™
Advanced to find the addresses of people who do not receive a phone

When the Village of Norridge sends out a call, the village
receives a report of the addresses that received the call. By using
MapOffice™ Advanced, village staff is able to map out those locations,
which then allows them to see what addresses are not returning calls.
These addresses are then sent letters urging them to register for the
system. On average, about a quarter of the residents receiving letters
end up signing up for the program. This benefits the Village and the
residents because in the event of an emergency, the Village can send out
timely notifications to as many residents as possible.