School Zone Management Using GIS


Public safety is a priority for the police department in any
municipality. Particularly, the safety of children in public areas
should be carefully managed. Recently the village contacted the use of
its geographic information system (GIS) department to produce a set of
maps displaying where the current locations of school speed zone and no
cell phone use signs are distributed around the village.

Using notes provided by the police department, the locations of each
sign were entered into GIS. The resulting maps produced after the data
was entered in provides a geographical representation of where and what
signs are placed near an area of interest (in this case, schools).
Furthermore, it allows additional signage to be installed in critical
areas that are not covered but current sign placement and to manage the
future installation of signs. Without the use of GIS the sign locations
would be maintained in a spreadsheet which does not allow a useful means
to visualize where signs are actually installed on the ground.